White Papers

Retail Success

This white paper outlines emerging trends in retail IT, challenges posed by those trends, and considerations for choosing new networking solutions...

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4G Failover for Business Continuity

What would happen if during peak business hours, while sales are booming and your critical data is being updated, your company’s wired Internet...
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Networks on the Move

As the digital transformation in IT continues to create the need for an Elastic EdgeSM, traditional tethers to the central office...
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Success Stories

David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal stores are connected to the corporate network via T-1 lines backed up with wireless failover. The system met the company’s current...

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Pandora Jewelry

PANDORA, an international jewelry retailer, was almost delayed opening one of its unique concept stores in Lancaster, PA, USA, because of an ISP...
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Ewing PD

As is true of most U.S. law enforcement organizations, in-vehicle networks are mission-critical components of the Ewing Police Department’s IT...
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Fuzzy's Taco Shop

For Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, a rapidly growing food and beverage chain, the list of modern-day networking needs starts with uninterrupted...
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Solution Briefs

4G LTE In-Vehicle Network Solutions

Deploying network connectivity to your organisation’s vehicle fleet can entail a number of challenges. With the proliferation of 4G LTE...
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